Most people do not consider empathy as a vital quality for effective leadership. Leaders are typically expected to be tough, controlling, and diligent visionaries who set employ their force of personality to chat firm course for the organization, and lead people through that path, right?

Maybe the “command and control” tactic was an effective leadership model in the past, but not so much today.

Modern-day leaders need to adopt a slightly different approach if their goal is to inspire and engage members of their team. While you still need skills that can help you direct members of your team through…

Unconscious beliefs refer to the way we categorise people of certain social groups, drawing our conclusions from unique visible features, personal experiences or, more commonly, from the media or other people. The media plays a big role in the formation of unconscious beliefs when there is little to no time to engage in meaningful conversations with people from other social groups.

The unconscious belief system has, unfortunately, played a big role also in corporate settings. This has caused some of the biggest organisations in the world to take notice. For instance, Google has put about 60,000 of its employees through…

photo by tfkohler

Sometime in the past, having a high Intelligence Quotient (IQ) was an essential element of leadership. Over time, emotional intelligence (EQ) complemented this ability to quickly and intelligently analyze facts. I’m convinced that leaders with a high degree of emotional intelligence are able to connect with their audience and engage them in a personal and authentic manner.

Cultural intelligence (CQ) has now found its moment. This skill has never been needed as much as it is now. It is not about leadership theories, but the reality of modern-day leadership. …

Tim-Frederik Kohler

Frequent Traveller & Global CSO. Connecting different worlds.

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